The holiday season and start of the New Year can be a challenging time for many of us. I find that most people often say that they will start eating well, exercising, and doing all the right things “after” the holidays. But as we all know, waiting to do something until later only makes what we know need to do now, more challenging.

So in the spirit of helping people get through this season unscathed by the challenges that add stress to our lives, I’ve decided to share a blog post every week, starting today and going through the end of January.

I am going to be sharing a word that represents an important concept in living a great life. My goal is that you have a framework to stay focused on during this period, an anchor to what will help you live the next three months with grace and will allow you to look back without regret.

In addition, I will be sharing an action step or two that will allow you “live” the concept, rather than just ponder it as a “good idea”.

Please join me every week and make this a 90- day commitment, or participate occasionally, when you have the mental and physical bandwidth to do so. As it is with everything in life, what you put in is what you get out. So do the best you can and enjoy!

Please share these posts with your friends and help me make the world a better place for us to all live.