Please join me and my friends at The Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center as we both celebrate our 20-year anniversaries!

Since I won’t be traveling to Louisville for my normal New Year’s kick-off, we are presenting a special five-week virtual series for you via Facebook Live.

So no matter where you live, you can attend! They”ll be held live on the Milestone Facebook Page. If you cannot make it live, a recording will be sent to you. Our next meeting is on Monday, February 1st at 12:30PM EST. Our topic is: Practicing Self-Care. I hope you’ll be there!!  Register Here Now

In this radio segment, I talk to my longtime friend, Terry Meiners, about common themes I find in my coaching practice amongst my clients.

We all know that exercise and healthy eating choices are crucial components of a lifestyle that supports weight loss, but one piece that most people tend to overlook is the emotional aspect that comes with losing or gaining weight in the first place.

Food has energy too, and therefore, you truly are what you eat! We are likelier to make better food choices when we already feel good and when we have a positive outlook on life.

In other words, if you know it’s time for you to initiate weight loss, remember to start with your emotions! When you clean up the negativity in your life, it will be even easier for you to naturally make healthier choices for your diet, as opposed to relying solely on pure willpower, which inevitably runs out.

If we feel happy and positive, we will want to choose foods that nourish us instead of trying to use foods to fulfill us.