Profiled extensively in the media, Stacey has been featured in numerous publications over the past 14 years, including: Business First, The Courier Journal, The Voice Tribune, Today’s Woman, Louisville Magazine and Vegetarian Times. Recently, she was interviewed by Colorado Health & Wellness magazine and Texas CEO Magazine.

For over eight years, Stacey was a regular guest on the popular Terry Meiners Show, 84 WHAS Radio.  The topics were fun, interesting and thought-provoking. Take a few minutes to listen and enjoy.

These are Stacey’s most recent interviews on Terry Meiners and NPR in Louisville.

Radio excerpts 2009
Radio excerpts 2010
Radio excerpts 2011
Radio excerpts 2012
Dec.19, part 1 Are you dreading the holidays?
Dec. 19, part 2 What if you chose to have a great experience?
Dec. 12, part 1 Keeping it positive
Dec. 12, part 2 Getting fired up to make positive change
Nov. 20, part 1 Tips for happy family get-togethers
Nov. 20, part 2 Eating healthfully at Thanksgiving
Nov. 6, part 1 Come to a Power Hour -- it's free!
Nov. 6, part 2 Let's talk about transitions
Oct. 23 Make time for intimacy
Sept. 25, part 1 You're not a one-hit wonder
Sept. 25, part 2 "Ain't no tainted love here"
Aug. 24, part 1 Personality types and strengths
Aug. 24, part 2 Can negative people become positive?
June 12,part 1 Living in the moment
June 12, part 2 Creating reality through intention
June 5, part 1 Once in a lifetime?
June 5, part 2 Happiness: You have a choice
May 22, part 1 Make sure you have "me" time
May 22, part 2 Let's talk about sex
May 8, part 1 Getting unstuck, one small step at a time
May 8, part 2 Is your weight your destiny?
Apr. 17 Gratitude ... and what the Dickens?
Apr. 4 Boost your self-esteem with positive action
Mar. 20, part 1 Two great books to check out
Mar. 20, part 2 "But I don't like vegetables!"
Mar. 6, part 1 Integrity: It starts with a commitment
Mar. 6, part 2 Half empty, or half full? You decide
Feb. 21 Re-defining success
Feb. 9, part 1 Forgiveness - it's good for you
Feb. 9, part 2 The 5 love languages 
Jan. 24, part 1 How does your love partner's personality influence you?
Jan. 24, part 2 When you're feeling stuck
Jan. 5 Getting off the sidelines and into the game
Jan. 5 In a word: Setting the tone
Radio excerpts 2013
Dec. 10, part 1 The dangers of waiting "until"
Dec. 10, part 2 What's your word?
Nov. 25 Coping with holiday anxiety
Nov. 11 The art of letting go
Oct. 22 In memory of a friend who loved life
Oct. 8, part 1 No energy left at the end of the day?
Oct.8, part 2 Dealing with bad behavior
Sept.24, part 1 Who says you can't?
Sept. 24, part 2 Speaking with integrity
Sept. 10, part 1 Tips for Negative Nellies and pleasers
Sept. 10, part 2 Is social media stealing your time?
Aug. 19, part 1 Saying thanks & opening up
Aug. 19, part 2 Addicted to chaos?
Aug. 6, part 1 Clutter-busting tips
Aug. 6, part 2 Dismantling rules
July 9, part 1 Stragetic parenting
July 9, part 2 Living a values-driven life
June 24 Why winging it won't work
June 11, part 1 Don't wait - Sieze the opportunity for change
June 11, part 2 When your marriage doesn't meet your needs
May 21, part 1 Your food: is it fuel -- or fuelish?
May 21, part 2 Visualize the person you want to be
May 7 Kids and entitlement
Apr. 23, part 1 To be at peace, live in the present
Apr. 23, part 2 The dangers of denial
Apr. 9, part 1 Men: You might need a life coach if...
Apr. 9, part 2 Feeling negative? Take this challenge
Mar. 26, part 1 It's all about the attitude
Mar. 26, part 2 Why structure matters
Mar. 12, part 1 Now is the only moment you have
Mar. 12, part 2 How to get unstuck
Feb. 26, part 1 Are you cut out to work from home?
Feb. 26, part 2 Honor who you are -- and who you're not
Feb. 11 Life coaching and relationships
Jan. 8 Setting the tone for the year ahead
Radio excerpts 2014
Radio excerpts 2015
Dec. 28 Mindfulness
Dec. 21 Giving
Dec. 14 Purpose
Dec. 7 Courage
Nov. 30 Integrity
Nov. 23 Gratitude
Nov. 16 Boundaries
Nov. 9 Focus
Nov. 3 Intention
Radio excerpts 2016