April is a time to get outside and work in our yards and gardens.  But while most of us envy a beautiful garden, few are willing to put in the effort up front.  The same can be said for our lives. We want great results without first putting in the hard work.

Many of my clients struggle with procrastination.  One of my favorite phrases is, “We always pay in life.  We either pay on the front end, or we pay on the back end, but we always pay.”  So why not pay on the front end?

This means doing the things we need to do now, so that later we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Unfortunately, what I see all too often is the opposite.  People avoid doing what needs to be done now, only to end up chasing their tail trying to catch up later.  This almost always ends in drama, stress and compromised results.

Commit to make April a time to do the things you KNOW you need to be doing, but would normally put off.

Take Action

Take a few moments to consider what needs attention right now in your life.   Here are a few things that might help you get started.

Your work – Most people spend most of their time working in their business, rather than on their business.  If you are a solo or entrepreneur, you probably relate to this.  If you have a job and work for someone else, this applies to you also, perhaps from a project or reporting standpoint.

  • Write down one thing that you would like to invest some time and energy on that does not normally hit your radar.  These things often include best business practices for you and your team, business development and relationship building.
  • Now that you’ve identified this, break it down into a few actionable items that can more easily be integrated into your busy schedule.  Plan to do them.  Put them on your task list or in your calendar.

Your personal life – Choose one area you would like to focus on.  I would recommend choosing something that drains you.

  • Engage in the same practice as mentioned above.
  • Example – If your focus happens to be diet, think about what you DON’T do up front, that if you did, would make a difference, such as preparing food at the start of the week to avoid eating out at the end of a long day.
  • Example – If you are focusing on your key relationship, think about what you DON’T do up front, that causes your partner to get irritated with you later, like saying you will do something and then not following through.
  • Take time after you commit to put that in your calendar and then make the space to get it done.

Join me this month and take the time to plant your seeds NOW so you can enjoy your harvest later.