I’m on the air with Terry Meiners!



Due to COVID, I won’t be traveling to Louisville this year. Instead, I partnered with my friends at Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center to bring you a virtual five-week series to Live Your Best Life! Check out the details and learn how to register here: https://www.baptistmilestone.com/liveyourbestlife

In this segment, Terry and I talk about the importance of creating a support system within your own life so that you don’t always have to depend on others to get through difficult times. Support can come in many forms, but when we learn to be self-reliant we set ourselves up for success.

No matter what your personality or lifestyle is like, you can create a support system that truly works for you!

Need help creating your support system? Send me a message to sign up for coaching!

Catch me on the air again every Friday until February 5th:

Friday, January 22nd

Friday, January 29th

Friday, February 5th

All segments will take place at 5:35PM EST

Link to the livestream: 84 WHAS Radio 

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