Over the last 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients and given talks to thousands of people. One of the challenges people have shared with me time and again is their difficulty in maintaining the perseverance required to achieve not only long-term goals, but even short-term ones.

There is no time of year when this obstacle is more apparent, than at the start of a new year. Many of the goals and resolutions that people declared not even three weeks ago are beginning to be an aspiration of the past. Many people are beginning to lose motivation, focus and hope.

There is no doubt; the most successful people are the ones who keep showing up, no matter how difficult things are. They have the staying power, the will, and the pure grit to make their dreams a reality.

Take a few minutes this week to work on building your own tenacity. Here are a few things to do:

  1. Review your goals. Do you have a compelling vision for each of them? Just saying you want something will not be enough once life starts to get in the way. It’s crucial for you to flesh out the details of each, so you can really see them in your mind. It’s a precursor to manifesting them.
  1. Maintain motivation. As individuals, we are motivated by both reward and pain. I find that it’s helpful to visualize, in great detail, what benefits will come to you by achieving your goals and what consequences will be yours if you don’t.
  1. Set your intention. Take a few minutes before you go to bed each night to identify even one thing that you can do to move forward with one of your goals. Keep it small and simple. They will add up.
  1. Ask for support. Identify your weaknesses and ask others for help. Your friends and family want you to succeed. And many of them might also want to feel needed by you. So asking for help allows you to get some needed strength and perhaps even build your relationship at the same time.
  1. Give yourself credit. Often times, people give up because they don’t get where they want to be fast enough. Along the way, discouragement and self-doubt kick in and people throw in the towel. Take time each day to recall the positive things you did to move forward in your life, whether big or small. The more you focus on what you’ve done, the more you will stay engaged in the journey.

If you find that sticking to your commitments is hard to do on your own, give me a try! I can help you stay focused, motivated and determined to achieve the life you dream of living. Sign up for a complimentary coaching session today.

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