This is our final week of our 13-week series. It’s scary to think how fast the last three months flew by. It makes you realize how precious time is. Thanks to all of you who have been following. It’s been fun sharing with you and reconnecting with my good friend, Terry Meiners, for our weekly radio spot.

We are into our last week of January, and this is about the time when many people begin to struggle with the commitments they made on New Year’s Eve. It’s exactly now that we need to remind ourselves that we set those goals (or resolutions) for a reason and that they are still very important.

I toyed with leaving you with an inspirational word, because let’s face it, there’s nothing sexy about the word, “follow-through”. However, there is something incredibly sexy about living an extraordinary life, which is the whole purpose of this series in the first place. And living an extraordinary life is nearly impossible without good follow-through skills.

So, I invite you to pause this week and check-in with where you are, this fourth week of the year. Have you put the right pieces in place to be successful? Here’s a quick checklist to see if you’re on the right track:

  1. Evaluate your goals. Are they still important to you?
  1. Did you create a plan to get there? It’s not too late if you didn’t, or if you did, but have lost focus. Sit down to think about each goal and what steps need to be put in place to accomplish them.
  1. Evaluate your follow-through strategy. Don’t have one? It’s not too late for that either. This is a very big component of what I work on with my clients. I can go into a lot of depth here, but for the sake of this short post, let me leave you today and at the close of our series, with a few basics. If you employ these, consistently over time, you can expect tremendous life changes.
    • Plan your month before it begins.
    • Plan your week before it begins.
    • Plan your day before it begins.

It is really important to connect what we say we want to a working plan, but if we wait until we are in the middle of our day-to-day life to do that, we are likely to respond only to pressing or urgent matters and the important stuff will fall through the cracks. Taking time to plan in advance allows us to schedule the things that matter and therefore prioritize them. It’s hard to follow-through on our commitments if they don’t even make it to our calendar or daily action lists.

Many people tell me they know what they want in life, but have a hard time making it happen. If you struggle with follow-through, consider partnering with me. I can help you stay focused on what matters most and provide accountability to your follow-through. Give me a try! Sign up for a complimentary coaching session today.

I wish each of you an incredible 2016. Stay posted for some exciting new things coming up in February!