As we approach the end of 2015, many of us will begin to think about our aspirations for the coming year. That will look like resolutions for some and goals for others, but regardless of how you choose to envision your growth, I invite you to take time to consider an essential ingredient in your success…courage.

When we think of a courageous person, our first thought might go to someone taking a risk or standing up against odds in a heroic sense. And while this is true, there is a more personal side to the word courage that I like to encourage people to think about.

Living an extraordinary life is not easy. If it were, we would all be doing it. I don’t think it’s possible to live an exceptional life without looking deeply at our lives and the challenges we face in creating our individual vision of peace, love and happiness.

Pausing to look deeply into ourselves is hard work, though. Many people aren’t hard wired to even know how to do this work on their own. Not to mention the fact that it’s uncomfortable and scary to unravel the layers of who we are. It reaches to the bones of our insecurities and self-doubt. And yet, to avoid this journey is to avoid the richness and fulfillment of life itself.

It’s easy to list the things you want to achieve in 2016…weight loss, more organization, better relationships, making more money, etc. But unless you look into why you aren’t already achieving these things and what it will truly take to get them, you will likely watch another year pass you by, leaving you more disappointed with yourself and your life.

Instead, take some risks and stand up against your own personal odds. Think about how much better your life would be if you stood up to your fears. Imagine what could happen if you were willing to risk failure in order to taste success.  Envision yourself being safe in the midst of an uncomfortable leap into a journey of deeper personal growth and fulfillment. You just might surprise yourself and do better than you think.

Take action:

Write down the things that you wish to change in the coming year. Now, in addition to focusing on the external things you need to do to achieve this, pause and reflect on what you need to change within yourself to make a shift.

If living a courageous life is something you struggle with, let me help you.  I have been engaged in my personal journey for over three decades and have achieved things I never thought possible.  I would love to help you take your life to the next level.  If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to sign up for a complimentary coaching session.

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