As we quickly approach Thanksgiving and all the holiday festivities that follow, many people are facing two of their greatest challenges this time of year: making healthy food choices and avoiding weight gain.

For many of us, the holidays are a love/hate time of year. It’s nice sharing time with friends and family, and we enjoy attending holiday parties, but we also dread the imminent weight gain that usually comes along with it.

I would like to support you in making this holiday season different. Imagine how peaceful it would be to start the New Year off with no regrets and without the need to undo two months worth of damage.

So how do you do it? You do it by setting boundaries with yourself.

Often times when we think of the word, “boundary”, we think of it in the context of others…setting limits with our spouses, family members, colleagues, etc. But I would like you to consider that the most important boundaries you can set are the ones with yourself. If we are not able to set and keep limits with ourselves, we are likely to struggle when we try with others.

Last week I talked about focus and the need to connect what we do now with what we want later. It’s so important that we do that especially during the holidays. I’m not sharing anything this week that we don’t already know. I’m sharing what we all need to be reminded and motivated about to avoid gaining five to ten pounds in the next six weeks!

Visualize how you would like to look and feel on New Year’s Day. Envision how great it will feel that morning when you wake up knowing that you did the right thing for yourself, that you took care of and honored yourself through numerous temptations. The holidays are not a time to take off; they are a time to stay committed.

On a practical level, I’m asking that you sit down at the start of each week between now and the end of the year and create a food and alcohol plan. Look at each day from a weight maintenance standpoint. Consider the events you have that week, the parties you are invited to, the food you expect people to bring to the office and be deliberate about what you will eat/drink and what you won’t. For example, set boundaries, or limits on how many desserts you will eat that week, how much alcohol you will allow yourself to have. If you commit to drink only one glass of wine at a particular holiday party, then focus on that commitment throughout the day, before you are presented with the temptation once you’re there. And as you are tempted to eat or drink more, remind yourself of your goal to look and feel great on January first.

I struggled the first half of my life with weight issues. I have maintained a 50 lb. weight loss now for over twenty years and I attribute it in large part to this practice. I hope you will join me in enjoying the holidays without regret.

Have a great week!

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