With Christmas just a few days away, the thought of giving is on most people’s minds. For many, giving equates to something material we will offer to those we care about. Most of us have that figured out and there’s not much to really say there.

What I’d instead like to talk about is your opportunity to give this week in an additional way, one that might even be more appreciated. With just a gentle reminder, this may be easy for some to do. But for others, it may be less comfortable, at least to those of you reading this who have mixed feelings about being in holiday settings or sharing time with certain relatives.

One of the best ways to give is to show up in a way that is meaningful to others, but might not be the way you would normally express your love. Giving in this way can make a big difference to the people in your life. True generosity comes from offering to others what they need from us.

Here are some practical examples of ways you can give this holiday:

  • Turn off your phone and television and be present
  • Listen to what people are saying without thinking about what you want to say next or interrupting
  • Let go of your stress or action list for a moment and enjoy time with someone
  • Offer to do something that can lighten someone’s load
  • Take the lead to do something you might normally not do
  • Let go of proving your point and needing to be right
  • See the perspective of someone else, even if you disagree
  • Take time to be intimate and tender with your person, even though you may feel rushed or tired
  • Offer a personal gift certificate for a future act of service or experience to someone who doesn’t need or want one more thing

It doesn’t take much to give in a thoughtful way and the truth is, many of your loved ones might even prefer to have a meaningful interaction or experience with you as much or more than they’d like to receive a material gift.

Happy Holiday!

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