It’s hard to believe that 13 weeks have flown by since I started my “One-Word” series. I have enjoyed doing this blog every Monday and being on the radio with Terry. Thanks to those of you who have sent comments, liked and shared our Facebook posts, and more.   It’s a powerful concept to keep “one word” in the forefront of your mind.  People are used to the idea of a “diet” when it comes to food.  But very few of us keep track of our “mental diet” of what we are choosing to consume each day.  I am glad to give you a weekly point of reference, of learning, and hopefully of centering your life.

I loved hearing from one of you, who said they were having a bad day, and then my words about “tone” kept running through their mind and it helped that person get re-centered and back on track for the day. It’s great to see that these posts, filled with information I’ve shared for years with my coaching clients, are touching your lives.  Thank you for the feedback.

I thought it would be nice to give you one post with a summary where you can find a list of all the words, as well as links to all those blog posts all in one place. Below you will find the link to the blog for each week, as well as the radio segment for that week.

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Living an Extraordinay Life – One Word at a Time
Week One: 11-2-15              Intention             blog    radio segment

Week Two:  11-9-15            Focus                   blog    radio segment

Week Three: 11-16-15        Boundaries         blog    radio segment

Week Four: 11-23-15          Gratitude            blog    radio segment

Week Five: 11-30-15           Integrity              blog    radio segment

Week Six: 12-7-15               Courage               blog    radio segment

Week Seven: 12-14-15        Purpose               blog    radio segment

Week Eight: 12-21-15         Giving                  blog    radio segement

Week Nine: 12-28-15         Mindfulness       blog     radio segment

Week Ten: 1-14-16             Tone                      blog    radio segment

Week Eleven: 1-11-16        Create                   blog     radio segment

Week Twelve: 1-18-16       Tenacity                blog    radio segment

Week Thirteen: 1-25-16   Follow-through    blog    radio segment