Would you like to have…

  • More motivation?
  • More energy?
  • A more positive attitude?
  • A more balanced life?

So many people today are stressed, unhappy, or dissatisfied with their work or home life.  Just making it through each day leaves people nowhere closer to the life they want. The need to slow down and reflect has never been greater.

The JumpStart offers you an opportunity to pause and take inventory of your life. During the presentation, you will be guided through exercises that will help you focus on what you want most from life, identify your obstacles and evaluate your overall life balance. The talk keeps an upbeat pace. The goal is to leave you feeling motivated and inspired to make immediate, positive changes in your life.

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As I explored the variety of ways I could begin to blossom, both personally and professionally, I was led to Stacey. I was told that Stacey Vicari was a force to be reckoned with! Her monthly JumpStart provided me with the opportunity to experience this for myself. Right away, I was impressed by her energy and enthusiasm. She had the ability to tell a compelling story that clearly exhibited the opportunity I had to control my own life through simple decisions and choices. Finally, I was moved by her genuine desire to help everyone in the room achieve a personal shift in their awareness. Even if I had walked out at the end of her Power Hour and didn’t take advantage of her complimentary consultation, my life would have already been moving in a more purposeful, empowered direction.

But I did. And the results in the short time we’ve been working together have been nothing short of amazing. As I embark on a journey to create a thriving consulting practice in these difficult economic times, I consider my partnership with Stacey to be a valuable investment and insurance that my efforts will be successful, that I will reach my goals, and that I will create a life that has balance, purpose, meaning and joy!

—Whitney Bishop