I want to invite you briefly into my private world so you can see how I live my life and how I’m capable of helping you design yours!

Selecting a Life Coach is an important decision. This person has the possibility to assist you in achieving your most important goals and dreams. There are many things to consider as you make this decision, such as the person’s background and their ability to generate results with you, their client. One of the ways to determine this aptitude and experience is to look more deeply into that person’s own life.

  • How do they live their life?
  • How do they manage their mental and physical state?
  • Do they earn a good income and manage their finances well?
  • Are they a good planner and do they have a solid vision for their future, based on their values, and that guides their choices and decisions?
  • Are they organized?
  • Do they manage their time well?
  • Are they healthy and fit?

While coaching you is all about you, the client, you want to be sure that you hire someone who is qualified to help you get to where you want to be. This is a partnership that should be based on real life successes, not theoretical ideas.

In the same way that you would want to hire a personal trainer who has a great body and a financial planner who’s wealthy, you want to be sure to hire a Life Coach who has a balanced, joyful, purposeful and healthy life!

My Journey

For over three decades, my life has been grounded in personal development. Honestly, some of what I offer my clients, such as time management, organization and strategic planning, are things that have come naturally to me all my life. But, the majority of the things I’m versed in coaching people on, have more to do with what I’ve learned and developed than my natural abilities.  As a result, I’ve been successful in helping others do the same.

Some of my personal accomplishments include:

  • Maintaining a positive outlook and attitude in life
  • Developing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Fostering good communication skills
  • Cultivating an abundance mentality
  • Learning how to make a strong income while only working three days a week
  • Becoming empowered and authentic
  • Creating a well-rounded, balanced life
  • Living in the present moment
  • Establishing a healthy lifestyle and sustaining a 50 lb. weight loss for almost 20 years

Who I am

So, how does this personal work show up in my life?

  • Deep gratitude
  • Love and joy
  • Boundless energy
  • Passion and purpose
  • Vital health and wellness
  • Deep respect for life and my place in it

Not only am I blessed with an inner depth that I appreciate so much, but I am also blessed with tremendous relationships with friends, family, pets, neighbors and clients. I have a happy home that I love to share with others.

And, I have a lot of free time to devote to the hobbies and interests I enjoy most: exercise, cooking, journaling, gardening, reading, entertaining, decorating, creative projects and being in nature. And most importantly, I love life and have a ton of fun!

I would love to help you create your Ideal Life!