For more than twenty years, Stacey Vicari has been inspiring audiences with her passion and enthusiasm. Her unique style is direct and refreshing.  She helps people take an honest look at themselves and provides practical solutions that leave people motivated to take positive action in their lives.

Stacey is available to speak at corporate and civic events, group retreats and conferences. Her popular JumpStart presentation has been seen by thousands of people.

The time that Stacey has spent with our sales team has truly been a revelation for them. Her program has shown them not only how to be more productive professionally but, just as importantly, has provided them invaluable guidance in prioritizing and maximizing the critical elements of their personal and family lives. A more balanced and happier sales force has been a big part of our ability to “blow out” all of our sales goals!  

— Kevin Hughes
Director of Sales, Clear Channel Radio

book-stacey-angled“Stacey has a way of igniting a room. Her energy is contagious and she impacts everyone in the audience. She backs up her positive outlook with smart and savvy content that makes you sit up and take notice. I’ve seen a lot of presenters, but I’ve yet to see someone who is universally as well received as Stacey.” 

— Jim Littlefield-Dalmares
Director of Marketing & Development, Kids Center